Jennie and David, Sage Green in Verbena

by Jessica on September 24th, 2012 in Real Weddings, | 2 Comments

Jennie’s sister told what was, perhaps the funniest MOH speech story I have ever heard.  It involved a facebook photo of David doing a shirtless handstand at their dance troupe practice, and Jennie’s sister calling “SHOTGUN!”.  So the story goes, that Jennie told her, no problemo- she was not interested anyhow. 

Cut to August 2012, to one of the loveliest weddings I have ever seen, complete with the perfect wedding kiss on our Mission Blue Lawn.  Jennie and David’s wedding was incredibly beautiful, despite the ridiculous wind that blew in (pardon the pun, but since Jennie is an English Lit nerd like me, I hope she will approve) just in time for  their outside ceremony.  Perhaps, due to Andrew Weeks skill with a camera, the wind actually enhanced the photos because, man, does her dress blowing in the wind add some incredible drama. 

With a dinner in sage greens in our lovely Verbena Room, and a trolly car to escort the guests up to the chapel for dancing, Jennie and David had a picture perfect wedding.  Expert detail handler Lisa McNichol of And Something Blue planned the day, and flowers were done by a family member.

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  1. Jennie says:

    And the flowers for the ceremony were by Nancy Ann Flowers in Sausalito! Thanks for the awesome writeup Jessica!

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